7 opportunities to invest in franchising

These franchises offer new products and services in their sectors without completely discarding the traditional procedures, and can be found in the Entrepreneurs’ Franchise search engine.


This ensign highlights as a competitive advantage the combination of the clinic and shop concepts, since they offer complementary services to the products they sell, such as machines, physiotherapy or aesthetic medicine.

At this time, Salud y Aromas is looking for a franchisee focused on self-employment, with previous experience in the health sector. “It is also designed for entrepreneurs who already have an herbalist shop and who want to renew and boost their business,” they add from the head office.


As the main competitive advantage, the head office of this ensign dedicated to Property Management emphasizes that the price of the entrance fee and the initial investment are cheaper than the competition. At the moment, they are looking for a franchisee “with commercial and work capacity”.


This ensign, specialized in training in English for children, highlights its portability, as it does not require a commercial premise, its profitability, its innovative character, “ideal for self-employment and easy stability for the entrepreneur”, and commercial and operational training from the first moments of operation.

As an associate profile, the head office recognizes that they are looking for a “person with a vocation for teaching, with a clear sense of professionalism and knowledge of the language. “We are looking for a franchisee willing to get directly involved in the commercial and operational management of the business, devoting their time and management skills to teaching, marketing and controlling the activity”.


This chain specializes in diode laser hair removal highlights, as competitive advantages, a competitive price in single sessions -without bonuss- or quality suppliers in its segment. In addition, they emphasize that “the headquarters is involved from the beginning with the franchisee through an intensive training program and constant monitoring and advice.


As competitive advantages, this ensign highlights its concept of personal shopper real estate, a pioneer in Spain. In addition, from the head office they emphasize the international character of Property Buyers by Somrie. “One of the biggest advantages of being a Personal Shopper is that you do not have an established portfolio of properties. At the request of its client, the PSI seeks and offers the most appropriate properties to their needs. It also operates in the area or sector it knows, which facilitates its work and efficiency,” they add.


As competitive advantages, the head office of this ensign dedicated to the sale of windows, doors and curtains highlights “a good margin on a valuable product, in addition material and business that do not need stock and the franchisee orders the material once it has been sold”.


This multinational, specialized in Mexican-inspired food, highlights as a competitive advantage the large number of units -about 6,500- distributed around the world, which makes Taco Bell the leader in this segment. In addition, the plant boasts the “operational simplicity of the format”.

At this time, the company is looking for a profile of a franchisee with previous experience “as entrepreneurs in the hotel or retail industry, interest in opening more than one restaurant and financial capacity to carry out the development”.