If you are one of those well-managed people who know ways to invest money, you will like this article and if, on the contrary, you are one of those whose money burns in their hands, stay, perhaps we can encourage you to start saving when you know the 5 profitable ways to invest money.

1. Loans between people on the Internet.

In English it is known as “Peer To Peer Lending” and results in a new type of investment that works through companies or companies that help connect people looking for money with people who want to invest it. Its operation is very simple and the rules of the game are clear, so if you invest through a serious company, it is a very safe option to invest money. In addition, the company is in charge of all the paperwork, you just have to register, choose the credit you want to fund and then sit back and wait for the interest. The expected return is very good, from 12% to 20% and the risk will depend on the type of credit you choose, as well as the term.

2. Stock market.

You can invest in the shares of companies listed on the stock market. If the shares go up from the moment you invest to the moment you sell, you will make a profit and on the contrary, if after investing in one or several shares, they go down, you will have a loss. Because of this, the risk of investing your savings in the stock market is high but you can get a return of 15% – 25% more or less. These investments are considered – or should be considered – long term since by eliminating the daily fluctuations the returns are constant and can be high.

3. Entrepreneurial Capital.

Also known as Venture Capital, it consists of funds that are dedicated to investing in newly created companies with high income potential and impact. Do the words start up ring a bell? Ah, well, that’s where these investment funds operate. Venture capital funds are managed by investment professionals. Their risk is high because if the start up or the group of start ups in which you invest does not work, you will have losses. On the other hand, the return on investment is very long but can be more than 30%.

4. You will delight your senses and gain the admiration of those around you.

Buying art from an emerging artist, betting that several years later it will become famous and quoted, is a way to invest money that is fashionable. The risk is medium with an expected return of 10-15% but in the long term.

5. Show Business.

That’s right, investing in theater or film can be very lucrative if you know how to choose well, although the risk is high because in reality, no one knows for sure if a production or film will be to the liking of audiences. The expected return is usually over 80% and the recovery is quick.

We hope that these 5 profitable ways to invest money have been to your liking.